Breathe Easier at Home or in the Office

Breathe Easier at Home or in the Office

Depend on us for air purifier or dehumidifier installation in Austin, TX

The indoor air quality at your home or business is important. If your air quality is low, you could end up suffering from discomfort or even health issues. Austin Refrigeration, LLC can help with air purifier or dehumidifier installation.

We can visit your home or business to assess your air quality needs. Then, we can recommend dehumidifier or air purifier installation. Finally, we'll handle the installation, leaving your home or business with better air quality than ever before.

Don't suffer another day with bad smells or low air quality. Talk to us now to schedule a service in Austin, TX.

Reasons to improve the quality of your air

Whether you need air purifier or dehumidifier installation, ensuring your property has high-quality air is essential. Here are just a few reasons to make sure you're breathing clean air:

  • Low air quality can lead to allergy issues
  • Bad air can cause major respiratory problems
  • Improved air quality can help you feel better overall

Take care of your health by taking care of your air quality issues. Speak with us now to set a date for dehumidifier or air purifier installation.

$850 with a free year of preventative maintenance for the unit it's installed on, a $150 value absolutely free to maintain the life expectancy of your unit.

Preventive Maintenance comes with a 15-point inspection where we check all belts, coils, refrigerant charge, contactors, internal filters, and more.

We also check the AC before the summer and the furnace before the winter to make sure it's working properly to avoid an expensive problem occurring in the future.